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Paul Fish

Paul Fish is currently the Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of Pablo Pescado Brand Management, specializing in frivolous products & getting new brands off the ground through 360° Global Brand Management. When not locked down in a pandemic, Paul and his family split time between Hermosa Beach, CA and Burgos, Spain.

In 2017, Paul co-founded and was Chief Brand Officer at Far Out Toys, the western face of a Chinese toy manufacturer and factory group.

While managing Pablo Pescado as a toys, robotics and consumer products consultancy, Paul acted as Head of Marketing for UBTECH Robotics, as well as helped several international clients get a foothold in the US Market.

Paul has also served as Brand Management at Bandai America, Vice President of Marketing, Design & International Wheels at Spin Master, SVP Marketing, Design & Development at Playmates Toys, and started his toy career at Mattel, where worked for 17 years in Marketing, design, business development, international and general management, including a 3.5-year stint in their European HQ in the Netherlands. 

Paul absolutely loves product, and treasures his relationships within the Inventor community.

Key Skills:

  • A proven expert in global trends with a keen insight into how kids think and play, and how that translates into effective Global Brand Marketing, Design & Development strategies.

  • A passionate, creative, award-winning leader in Product, Marketing and Digital Communication.

  • A long-standing track record of capturing the true essence of Entertainment-based Licensed Properties, and translating that into the creation of successfully merchandised brands.

  • In-depth Global expertise, with direct experience in US, Latin American, European, and Asian Marketing & Strategy.

  • A cross-functional team leader & General Manager with the Big Picture perspective necessary for long-term Brand and Company Profitability.

General Management

  • Managed all functions of Mattel’s Radio Control business, earning the Toy Industry of America’s 2006 “Boys Toy of the Year” award.

New Category Launches:

  • Led Bandai’s entry into the Construction category with the SprüKits brand of articulated action figure model kits.

  • Led Spin Master’s 2010 entry into the Games category with the industry’s #1 new game, Hedbanz, and acquired key titles such as Stratego.  Grew the business from zero to    $40 million in one year.

Key Business Acquisition:

  • Created and built Mattel Boys’ most important licensor relationship by acquiring and managing the iconic Harry Potter license, which led to the long-running DC brands.

Business Turnaround:

  • Redefined Nickelodeon business to include characters, and in doing so moved the brand from an exit strategy to an enduring, profitable business for Mattel that lasts to this day.

International Marketing:

  • Grew Mattel’s Boys business by more than 50% (+$100MM) during a 3-year assignment in the European central office, Amsterdam.

  • Transformed Mattel’s, Spin Master’s and Bandai’s marketing strategies into global plans, locally executed by cohesive winning teams.

IP and Brand Creation:

  • Created the evergreen brand Max Steel, which after 15 years remains the number one Boys brand in Latin America and $100m in annual sales.

Business Startup:

  • Co-founded Far Out Toys, creating & shipping 5 brands, as Walmart & Target vendor, and a Disney, NASCAR and Ryan’s World licensee, all within the first 18 months.


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Fun Facts

Paul is married to a Spaniard from Burgos
Paul has twin girls who have greatly impacted his understanding of girls toys.
Paul was co-founder of The Toys, Mattel's house band in 90's & 00's.


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