Frequently Asked Questions

People of Play is where you can hunt for what you need in the industry.

Consumers can look for the next big hit, or learn more about their favorite products more deeply.

Innovators can use the POP platform to showcase their products & themselves, to get known and get licensed.

Companies can find new & exciting ideas, discover new products & connect with innovators.

Play Advertising and PR Teams can get the word out about toy & game launches and awards.

The industry of play is huge, constantly evolving, and can be daunting for innovators to get into and keep track of. Having been part of this world for decades, we've done our best to create spaces for innovators to build the connections they need and get the recognition they deserve.

So it was time to create a single place where any curious soul could find the answer to things like:

  • Who made this amazing thing and what's the story behind it?
  • I have an idea for a game, how do I start?
  • I need someone with specific skills to make a thing, who can I find?
  • I made an amazing thing, how do I showcase it?
  • What new and exciting things are coming up in the industry?

We are the People of Play, join us!

Anyone interested in the Play industry can join the People of Play.

Yes, that means you.

We have different levels of membership to match what you are looking for.

POP Lite: (free) for anyone who loves toys and games, and who wants to know more about the stories and people behind the magic of play.

POP Basic: Ideal for new toy and game inventors or companies looking to get your concepts up and running, and show your products to others in the play industry. This also includes featuring one product, and makes you findable through specific searches.

PoPPro: Perfect for the professional inventor to build and maintain networks and stay current within the play industry. This includes unlimited products to be featured, and the PopPro member has access to advanced search features in order to find and make contacts in the industry.

POP Company: Especially designed for toy and game companies to access the People of Play, and find prospects and expertise. This includes unlimited products to be featured, and the company has access to advanced search features to locate prospects and find talent.

Select the SIGN UP link at the top of the POP page, and select which type of POP account best fits you. You can always change your account type at a later time as your needs change.

For the POP Basic, PoPPro and POP Company accounts, you'll be asked to provide payment details upon sign up which will only take effect after 1 October 2020. POP membership is billed annually.

Once you sign up, you can then start creating your profile page so that the rest of the Play industry can find you.

Once you sign up for an account, you'll get an email invitation to set up your Innovator profile. You can then add your information that will help people in the toy and game industry find you. List your skillsets, we know you have a ton. That way people who need your skills can find you when they need your talents.

You can add the toys and games you have invented or collaborated on, throw in pictures, and make yourself visible to the Play industry.

Anyone browsing through People of Play as the general public, POP Lite or POP Basic members will only see your general public information and your products that you put on your profile. 

Only PoPPro or PoP Company members will be able to find you in specific searches and see more detailed information such as your areas of specializations.

If you have POP Basic membership either as an individual or a company, you can feature one product on your profile.

If you sign up for PoPPro membership as an individual, you can add unlimited products. 

If you are looking after a POP Company membership, you can add unlimited products to the company profile.

It often takes a team to create a toy or game. If you invented or collaborated on one, you can add yourself and any member of the team as a collaborator to that toy or game. 


Yes, for members of POP Basic, PoPPro and POP Company. Once you login to your account, you can use the 'Message' feature from your Dashboard on the right hand side of the screen to message any Innovator on POP.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the POP Team
Mobile: +1 847 677 8277