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A term used in the Injection Molding process, a sprue is an opening through which molten plastic is injected into a mold, after which it is forced into smaller channels called runners, which deliver the material to the part cavities. After cooling and ejection, the parts are removed from the sprue and runners, which are often ground up and recycled.

Submitted by Peggy Brown Creative Consulting on 2021-04-02

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Pink is a narrow section of the color spectrum perceived by some executives to be the only part visible by girls.

Submitted by Peggy Brown on 2021-04-02

Ball and Socket Joint

A Ball and Socket Joint is a more specific type of Ball Joint which solely involves a ball and a socket, allowing for full (or near-full) rotation capacity. No hinges are used in Ball and Socket Joints.

Submitted by People Of Play on 2021-04-02

Licensing Agreement

A Licensing Agreement is a written contract between two parties in which the property owner permits another party to use or market their intellectual property such as a toy, game, character, design, brand, etc.

Submitted by People Of Play on 2021-04-02


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