by AMY ANSONG | 09 Dec 2022



Do you ever go to airports and wonder what you are expected to do with all your free time? Well, your options are limited, no? You can read a book, listen to an audio book, eat cookies, eat overpriced gummy bears, or waste time sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Why waste your time doing that when you can walk around the airport and discover all of the fantastic play areas which exist inside the airports!!.

Did you know that play areas exist inside international airports?? The first time I saw one, I thought it was extraordinary and a unique thing.However, the more I travel, the more I am seeing more of these fantastic play areas. It is great that these areas are being built for kids and people who are young at heart.

In this series, “Play Areas in Airports around the World” I will document the various play areas which exist in airports around the world.

The first airport which will be covered in this series is the Rome–Fiumicino International Airport. This airport is massive in size, and is the busiest airport in Italy. It’s a grand airport with beautiful displays ,shops, and more .But the one thing I enjoyed the most was the play area. Imagine my surprise when I was walking to my gate and came across this FANTASTIC Play area, which is not only fantastic due to its existence, but due to the fact that it honors Rome through its design.

Lets look at the play area in the Rome Airport.


Above is an overview picture of what the play area looks like. It is made out of sturdy material, which can be touched and climbed over and over again. What caught my eye was the way the word” ROMA” is integrated into a play item. Each letter encompasses a play area..genius!! The “ R” can be climbed over, the “O” serves as a mini bridge, the “ M” can be walked on, and the “A” is a slide with steps. Those are just the letters alone. Also, look at how the landmarks of Roma are captured on the big rectangle: the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and other famous Roman attractions. Also, the words” Kids Area” are written in the colors of the Italian flag: red, white, and green. The colors of the Italian flag are also proudly displayed on the “O” bridge



Apart from everything mentioned above, the play area is carpeted, to decrease the impact of any unfortunate falls. The carpet is also “Roma” themed. This play area also has games. On the walls of the letters, there are games which have been added to the walls, such as block games. There are also areas for children to place their shoes.  The play area has a set of rules placed on  a wall nearby, stating that the dos and donts of the play area.

It is amazing that such a play area exists. If you ever find yourself transitting through the Roma Airport, try to find the play area .

In terms of design, I believe that RODECO designed this play area.


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