Leslie Scott

Inventor Of Jenga!

Leslie Scott is a professional board game designer and the founder of Oxford Games Ltd. Scott has devised and published over forty games but is probably best known as the inventor of Jenga, which she self-published (as Leslie Scott Associates) and launched at the London Toy Fair, 1983.  Born in East Africa, Scott grew up in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Ghana, and was educated in Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone and England. She now lives primarily just outside the university city of Oxford, though still spends many months of each year in Africa with her husband, Prof Fritz Vollrath, a zoologist...


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Fun Facts

1. JENGA is a National Toy Hall of Fame 2020 inductee!

2. Scott grew up speaking swahili & Jenga means BUILD! in Swahili.

3. Scott's daughter, Freddie is a professional game designer, too!

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