Book Review: Bluey: Baby Race

by Julia DeKorte | 31 Jan 2024

Book Reviews

Based on the ever-so-popular children’s television show Bluey, Bluey: Baby Race is an adorable story from Penguin Random House about when Bluey was a baby and was learning to take her first steps.


It all starts on the playground, where Bluey, Bingo, and Mum were playing on the monkey bars. Bluey wanted to see who was better at the monkey bars, but Mum simply told her, “Just run your own race.” Confused, Bluey asked her mom to explain, and so Mum shared the story of Bluey’s first steps.


Mum had taken Bluey to a mother’s group, where other Mum’s and their babies all spent time together. Bluey had been the first baby to roll over, and Mum was so proud—maybe a little too proud. Then, Judo, another baby, sat up, all on her own, before any of the other babies, including Bluey. Somehow, it turned into a race—a baby race! As Judo and Bluey all started towards walking–rolling, crawling, scooting, even pulling themselves up on furniture, and rather than a celebration of each step of the process, it became a race toward walking.


That’s when Mum realized that she just needed to focus on her own race—not competing against all the other Mum’s and babies. Through this story, Mum teaches Bluey and Bingo the important lesson of just focusing on yourself, not on what everyone is doing. Everyone learns and moves at their own pace, and comparing yourself to others won’t do anyone any good.


This was an adorable story with a wonderful lesson. Of course, being a Penguin Random House Little Golden Book means it comes with full color illustrations on each page reminiscent of the TV show, colorful bubble-lettered text, and the classic golden spine. This storybook is a great one to add to your Little Golden Collection, and will teach toddlers about the importance of not comparing yourself to others, which is especially important to learn in this day and age.


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