Book Review: Paid to Play, by Keith A. Meyers

by Julia DeKorte | 02 Sep 2022

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“Paid to Play: The Business of Game Design” by Keith A. Meyers is the perfect manual for anyone with an idea for a game. In this quick yet thorough book, Meyers breaks down every single step involved in the production of a game, from designing your first prototype to negotiating contracts with toy companies. Whether you are a seasoned designer or a newbie in the industry, Meyer’s book will put you on the track for success.


The most attractive component of “Paid to Play” is Meyer’s provision of actionable steps. While anyone can tell you to “design a prototype” and “pitch your idea to a company,” Meyers actually gives specifies what materials to use in a prototype, how to find the right company to pitch to, and what to say in a pitch to find success, and every step in between. This style of direction is not only helpful but reassuring to those who see getting their game published as an intimidating venture.


A game designer with decades in the toy and game industry, Meyers includes much of his own experience his book. Written with humor and personability while still maintaining professionalism, “Paid to Play” outlines everything you should do and expect on the journey of designing and publishing a game.

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