Book Review: The Gift of Authenticity by Gil Druckman

by Julia DeKorte | 28 Apr 2024

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The Gift of Authenticity: Embrace Your Inner Truth, Unleash Your Potential is a book that will launch you onto a journey of self-discovery and truly change your life. Written by Gil Druckman, toy and game inventor, university professor, and spiritual mentor, the stories he shares of overcoming past trauma through embracing his inner truth are very though provoking and will certainly provide a new perspective on the way that you approach obstacles in your life.


The book is told as a story of Gil’s journey and can be used as a guide to transform your own life. He shares the incredible transformative experience of embracing his inner truth and deciding to live without masks, shame, doubt, or fear, allowing him to unlock his potential that was previously hidden. He describes how this shift in mindset led him down a new path of professional and personal success, becoming a more peaceful, appreciative, and caring person, rather than the skeptical and impassionate person he was before.


Through this book you can expect to learn how to lay your own foundations on the path toward change. The first step is simply understanding what your inner truth is, and from there, it’s about embracing it, in all aspects of life. Sure, it may seem like a big endeavor, but Druckman walks his readers through it, ever the spiritual coach, and promises the result of reaching true authenticity are worth any hardships the journey there may present.


Gil Druckman has been part of the toy and game industry since 1981. Starting out first as an industrial engineer and consultant to factories, he and a friend developed an inventory control learning game, and after they developed it, a graphologist recommended he join the toy industry, working with patents, inventions, and game development. Over the past nearly 40 years, he’s invented over 100 toys and games with his partner. Among them include the 3D Sculpture Puzzle, Game of Games, Hungry Huey, Choo-Choo Loop, and many more.

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