Female Powerhouse, Ruling the Realm of Animation: Catherine Winder

by Kathleen Tomes | 22 Apr 2021

The Bloom Report

Catherine Winder is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Producer of Wind Sun Sky Entertainment, a multi-media production company pioneering the way on building creator-driven global franchises. Winder is a proven leader in production and development on a diverse slate of multi-platform media in all genres; including linear and interactive content, mobile apps, toy lines and more.


Winder started out working for Disney Animation in Tokyo, managing several series, including Rescue Rangers and Tale Spin. Throughout her whirlwind career, Winder has made her mark as a game changer, working on iconic brands with leading filmmakers and creators. Most recently, at WSS she adapted the Invincible comic book created by Robert Kirkman into the smash hit, animated series on Amazon Prime.


Looking back, her innovative spirit helped lead the charge on adapting the Angry Birds game into the global event hit film, The Angry Birds Movie and sequel. She also worked in hand with the Barbie executives at Mattel to develop a new look for the property’s home video.


Heard of Star Wars? Winder was the Executive Producer for Lucasfilm Animation, where she was responsible for taking the Star Wars brand into animation. She assembled and led the creative team of over 200 artists and technical staff to develop and produce the first animated Star Wars movie and highly rated television series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


During her time at Fox Feature Animation, she oversaw the set-up of Blue Sky Studios and the production of the Oscar nominated film Ice Age. Winder also adapted Todd McFarlane’s Spawn for late night television at HBO. Winder is an active member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She is also on the national board of the Canadian Media Producers Association.


Winder sets the standards, as she is the co-author of the industry handbook used around the world Producing Animation, the third edition published in 2020.


Additional Credits include:

  • My Singing Monsters Fandemonium (Live Interactive Animated Series)
  • Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics (Multi-Media Documentary Series for AMC)
  • Super Dinosaur (Series/Game/Toyline)
  • Snap Ships (Series/Toyline)
  • Summoners War; Friends and Rivals (Award nominated short/Comic Book/Live Events)
  • Luna (Award-Winning Short)
  • Spicy City (HBO)
  • Aeon Flux (MTV)
  • What a Cartoon! (Turner/Cartoon Network)
  • And a few more to be announced soon....


Learn more about Winder and WSS Entertainment at https://windsunsky.com/.

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