Film Review: Eddy's World

by Julia DeKorte | 02 Feb 2023

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In Eddy’s World, a mini documentary about one of the world’s greatest and most accomplished toy and game inventors, viewers get to meet and learn all about Eddy Goldfarb. Produced and directed by Eddy’s daughter, Lyn Goldfarb, the film follows Eddy through his day-to-day life now, and walks through his early life – all the steps he took to get to where he is now.


Creator of the bubble gun, chattering teeth, and many other classic toys and games, Eddy had been creating since he was very young. Always interested in physics and engineering, he ended up joining the Navy, during which he invented his first couple toys. As he grew older, he kept inventing, inspired by the joy that so many of his toys brought so many families.


After his wife died, he moved into a home with other older people, and started forming relationships and friendships with people in similar stages of life. He continued exercising, inventing, and even started writing 100-word stories. An inspiring, kindhearted, and very sweet man, getting to know Eddy and everything he has contributed to the toy and game industry was definitely the highlight of the film. 

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