IMC Toys has Fans Seeing Stars with New Fall 2023 Lineup!

by IMC Toys | 04 Aug 2023

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IMC Toys has Fans Seeing Stars with New Fall 2023 Lineup! 

Enhanced play experiences provide out-of-this-world, endless fun 


Chatham, New Jersey  August 3, 2023 - IMC Toys is geared up for a fantastic Fall season as with its new lineup of nurturing and interactive toys for kids! Known for its flagship doll brand, Cry Babies, IMC Toys is bringing that concept even further with newly themed Cry Babies and Cry Babies Magic Tears Stars, while also taking the classic play pattern to the next level with Cry Babies Newborn and Cry Babies Crawling Jenna and Miley. Geared towards providing unique and engaging play experiences for kids, these new additions deliver on fun and surprises.


While IMC Toys has a strong foothold in the special feature nurturing dolls (SFND) and playset dolls and collectibles (PD&C) categories, they are also intent on expanding their market presence introducing new products that venture outside of the doll category. 


“Part of IMC Toys’ mission is to grow with the kids and provide toys that speak to their developing interests and preferred play patterns”, says Crystal Ganir, VP Global & North America Head of Marketing IMC Toys.  “Our new Fall lineup delivers on that goal with new innovative themes and activations. We are truly developing a product portfolio that has something for everyone!”


Here’s what fans can look forward to in 2023:


Cry Babies are known for the popular nurturing play pattern and with new Cry Babies Newborn children become parents to their doll, learning how to care for, and nurture their newborn as if she is a real baby with the 6 included surprises and accessories.  Children can wear the interactive bracelet and the doll will recognize the child as their parent, which calms her down when she’s crying, and makes her laugh and blush. Coney and Molly cry real tears and will also calm down when given their paci. When it’s time for bed, lay her down and watch as her eyes close and she falls asleep! 


A baby doll wrapped in a blanket and accessories

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Cry Babies Newborn are available at WalmartTarget and Amazon for $34.99 

Cry Babies are on the move with the new Cry Babies Crawling Jenna and Miley! Watch as Jenna and Miley crawl across the floor and giggle when you press the  button on their back.  They make 30 realistic 


baby sounds, cries real tears and calms down when given their paci.  When sitting, they will babble, move her arms to shake the rattle. If you pretend to tickle them while they’re lying on their back, they’ll move their arms and legs just like a real baby. 

Cry Babies Crawlers are available at WalmartTarget and Amazon for $26.99 


A toy baby with wings

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The classic Cry Babies and Cry Babies Magic Tears also return with a brand new theme that will have kids seeing stars - literally! Cry Babies Stars are based on the new Kitoons content series where the Cry Babies travel to Planet Tear in hope of turning the stars back on. There are three dolls in the lineup -  Coney, Ayla and Lilly. Each comes dressed in a shimmery iridescent outfit. Not only do they cry real tears when their pacifier is taken away, but their eyes also light up with stars as bright as the night sky. The dolls make over 10 realistic baby sounds to communicate emotions, like happy, sad, playful and more! Put their pacifier back in their mouths to stop the crying and make them happy again.


A toy doll with a pacifier

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Cry Babies Stars are  available at TargetAmazon now, and will be available in September at Walmart for $19.99


The Cry Babies Magic Tears are also blasting off into a whole new world with Cry Babies Magic Tears Stars Talent Babies. Each of the 8 dolls to collect come with a new and improved appearance that includes: a more articulated body, cheerful expressions, and of course they cry real tears! Each character 


comes with 6+ surprises and dressed in an interchangeable silicone outfit that represents their unique talent as depicted in the series. The more kids collect, the more they can mix and match! With new transparent packaging, kids can pick which doll to bring home and follow the series with their favorite character by their side, or imagine new adventures of their own


A toy baby doll in a plastic box

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Cry Babies Magic Tears Stars Talent Babies are available at Target . Amazon and will be available in September at Walmart for $9.99. 

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About IMC Toys

IMC Toys first burst into the market with its flagship brand, Cry Babies, which quickly rose in popularity and became the number one selling baby doll across the European and US total markets. Since its inception, the company has expanded to operate in 50 countries and has bolstered its product line up to include a wide range of impressive brands - such as Cry Babies Magic Tears, VIP Pets, and the latest BFF by Cry Babies. IMC Toys’ commitment to providing toys for “every age and every stage” has led to its internationally renowned reputation for providing customers across the globe with high-quality and attractively- designed toys at a competitive price point. 

IMC Toys brands are supported by custom content that can be found on the company’s very own YouTube channel, Kitoons. Offered in 25+ different languages, Kitoons has gained popularity with a globally collective 6+ billion views, 8+ million subscribers and 700M+ watch time hours. Each colorful episode features fan favorite characters from Cry Babies Magic Tears, BFF by Cry Babies, Bubiloons and VIP Pets as they go on adventures, learn about friendship and teamwork along the way. Additionally, fans of the Cry Babies Magic Tears content series can also enjoy episodes on Netflix, as well as audiobook content on Spotify. 


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