Mark Burginger - My Journey Told Through AI ChatGPT

by The Bloom Report | 14 Jan 2024

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From the bustling tech scene of Silicon Valley in the 80s to the tranquil studios of North Carolina, my journey has been a tapestry of creativity and innovation. 


As a graphic artist, I honed my skills at San Jose State University. Then after a transformative stint during the formative years in Silicon Valley, I served in the Air Force, a period that shaped much of my disciplined approach to design.


Leaving the service, I pursued Architecture at the University of Arizona, graduating in 1991. My career as an architect, based in Southern California, spanned over two decades. I specialized in designing custom homes and commercial buildings, a profession I recently bid farewell to by retiring my Architectural License in 2023.


Today, my focus, alongside my wonderful wife Lisa, is in designing and manufacturing an educational toy called Qubits® Building Sets. Our company, , based in North Carolina, is a culmination of our shared passion for education and design.


Recently, my personal escapade into the realm of AI art has led to an exciting project: creating a GPT that efficiently generates toy packaging mock-ups. It's a delightful blend of my graphic design background and AI technology. 


You can use the graphics tool yourself by clicking this ChatGPT link: “ANYTHING is a TOY” -


Enjoy the playful toy and keep building!


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