Matt Leacock created Pandemic... the game! Hidden Role Podcast

by David Yakos | 06 Jun 2022

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Hidden Role: The Brains Behind your Favorite Games --- When master game designer Matt Leacock started out, it wasn't about the money, it was about making the best game possible! In part one of this two parter, we go deep into the creation of the hit boardgame, Pandemic. Learn Matt's design philosophy and get a glimpse at how a big success can grow from a really solid game. In Part 2, we'll be discussing best practices in game design and much, much more! --- Learn when Daybreak launches: Keep up with Matt Leacock: --- Hidden Role Podcast is also available on most major podcast networks! --- Visit our website and sign up for our newsletter to get a sneak peak at our upcoming guests: --- Have an idea for someone who should appear on the show? Leave a comment below OR make a suggestion at:

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