Statement From Jochanan Golad, CEO, Goliath Group

by Goliath | 14 May 2024

Press Release

Statement From Jochanan Golad, CEO, Goliath Group


May 14, 2024


Pressman, part of the Goliath Group, would like to address and correct certain statements made publicly in trade publications, and privately to various of our customers, regarding a purported transfer of the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell Rummikub in North America.

Please know that Pressman still holds the exclusive licensing rights to Rummikub in the United States and Canada, which it has held for over 45 years. While Pressman is currently involved in litigation addressing those rights, we believe that the law is clear that, while this litigation plays out, Pressman’s exclusive rights remain intact. Indeed, on May 10, 2024, a court in New York State agreed with Pressman’s objection and rejected an attempt to prohibit Pressman from manufacturing and selling Rummikub in North America.

As such, please be assured that Pressman’s operations related to Rummikub are continuing without interruption, and it remains fully equipped to sell and supply Rummikub, ensuring that it can fulfill orders and uphold the level of service and support that Pressman’s customers have come to expect.


Donna MacNeil | President | Beacon Communications

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