Young Inventor Challenge May Champion Supporters

by Young Inventor Challenge | 11 May 2024

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For the month of May, we're reaching out to individuals to support the Young Inventor Challenge's mission to inspire the next generation of toy innovators. Watch the inspiring/fun video and please donate today to help these designers of tomorrow.


💡 $25 provides a scholarship for 1 young inventor to submit their toy or game to the YIC


💡 $50 covers a partial month of hosting for the young inventor virtual submission platform


💡 $135 provides 1 table for young inventors to pitch and display their toy or game in-person at the YIC


💡 $275 covers the cost of 1 microphone for the in-person YIC awards ceremony


💡 $480 covers the cost of the YIC winners’ trophies


💡 $1,000 covers a portion of the public relations coverage to illuminate the young inventors and their creations for the YIC


💡 $2,500 covers a portion of the stage techs and A/V for the in-person YIC awards ceremony


Contribute to the YIC here:


Thank you for supporting this incredible program and check out the video below to see some of these amazing Young Inventor Challenge kids.



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