The first Erector set was sold in 1913. The metal construction toy was invented by Alfred Carlton Gilbert, who was inspired after seeing an elevated train track under construction as it was being converted to electrical power. The Erector set was overhauled in 1924 to include over 70 new parts. The sets were sold in wooden boxes until 1933, when the company switched to using painted steel boxes. Gilbert died in 1961 and his company went into decline, filing for bankruptcy in 1967. The Gabriel company acquired the brand and produced the toys for a time until the trademark was acquired by Ideal Toys in the 1980s. It was acquired by Tyco Toys soon after. Meccano bought the brand in 2000, incorporating it with its existing brand of metal construction toys and calling the new Erector sets “Erector by Meccano.” Both brands were acquired by Spin Master in 2013.



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