Trivial Pursuit

by : Hasbro

Trivial Pursuit is a Canadian game invented by Scott Abbott and Chris Haney in 1979. It is a trivia game where players have to correctly answer questions in six categories to acquire small plastic pieces that are placed in a round, wheel-shaped game piece. Each category is represented by a different color, and players must accumulate one piece in each color, then answer a final question in a category chosen by the other players to win. The game was released in 1981 and licensed to Selchow and Righter, a Long Island-based game publisher, in 1982. In 1988, it was licensed to Parker Brothers, and Hasbro bought the full rights in 2008 for $80 million. Multiple versions of the game have been released, including versions that focus on specific pop culture topics, such as the Beatles or Harry Potter.




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