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Peggy is awesome!


Clark Nesselrodt

Peggy is awesome!


Damjana Pangercic


Co-founder of European (Slovenia) start-up developing board and card games under registered brand Silway intended for common play of grandparents and grandkids. Games are suitable for home or institutiomal (nursing homes) use.

Our story began with co-founder Samira, a pedagogue and psychologist whose grandma had dementia. She was looking for activities for her and at the same time she was finishing her psychology masters studies where she more closely met with brain training activities for elderly - and was encouraged by her professor that such activities should not stay just in class.

In 2017 our brand of games for elderly and children was born. We joined our knowlege and expertise: Samira as a pedagogue and psychology expert and me as an entrepreneurship enthusiast with MA degree in business studies.

After 6 months of thinking about the idea, I quit my job and we established a company - in a (till now) four year journey I haven´t regretted this decision not even for a second! Despite the extremely hard path we need to be taking, because these kind of games are something new on (specialty) toy market. 

What we think is most important is that our strong development team adapted the games in a way that they suit elderly and children from 5-12 years at the same time.

What does it mean that games are adopted to both generations?

  • Content is neutral (neutral topics interesting to both generations)

  • Neutral intergenerational design

  • XL cards and font

  • VERY SIMPLE rules

  • Despite simple rules, games are very creative and offer a lot of fun!

  • Games were/are developed by a strong and commited team (pedagogue/psychologist, occupational therapists, 2 game designers) and heavily tested for months with elderly and children in home and institutional environment

Our mission is to more closely connect grandparents and grandchildren (also whole families) and bring meaningful & effective cognitive training for elderly which can quality enrich their life.


More at : PoPPro >>

Fun Facts

Love connecting generations (elderly and children) through play
Love hosting my international friends in green heart of Europe (my country Slovenia:))
As a student I organized a trip of 13 students to Silicon valley to check out on energy going on there:)

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