Bee A Time Keeper clock

Let's face it...time matters! We live by the clock and expect our children to do the same. Time is an abstract concept and hard for young children to understand. Typically, children aren't taught time until the second grade; however, we expect younger children to understand how time moves, “You have 5 minutes to clean up your toys,” or “Bedtime is in 15 minutes.”  Children are often unable to comply with adults’ requests around time because they have no understanding of what time looks or feels like. This can be frustrating for both children and adults. 

The Bee A Time Keeper clock uses strategic placement of bright colors and child friendly critters alongside the numbers 1-12 on an analog clock  format. On the hour hand there is a “ SNAIL”  and on the minute hand there is a “ BEE”  to indicate that minutes move faster than hours. The Bee A Time Keeper clock helps children become better self-managers so that they can comply better with adult expectations around time. 


Fun Facts

Children request to use the Bee A Time Keeper clock because they love to Bee Time Keepers to plan and see their time expectations.
Mindy drew all of the critters and loves talking about then with her little friends.
The Bee A Time Keeper clock is currently being used in classrooms, preschools, homes and therapy sessions.

Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!