by : Mattel

BOLD™ is the family card game that combines matching, memory, risk and reward to test how bold you really are! Shuffle the cards and place them face down in a grid formation, then flip over two cards. Do the shapes you've revealed match in either color, size, or pattern? If yes -- that's a pair! Now comes a test of your mettle: will you take your points and run, or will you push your luck by flipping another card hoping it will share a feature with the first two? If you make a match, more points! But if you don't make a match, your turn is over and the cards remain in the grid. As the game goes on, remember which cards are left in the grid so you can flip them on your turn. The more you match, the more points you score. But if you flip one too many cards and run out of matches, you lose it all! To win the BOLD™ card game you need memory, nerve, and maybe a little luck. Simple to take and play anywhere, BOLD™ consists of 112 cards and instructions.


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