Choice Words

by : MindWare

GAMES THAT TEACH: Choice Words from MindWare is a fantastic way to encourage creativity with words and foster an understanding of literal versus non-literal language. Players will practice phrases and idioms while racing each other to complete rounds and earn points.

FAMILY FAVORITE: Choice Words is a challenging and engaging game that will keep your family entertained for hours. It only takes a few moments to explain, so new players such as extended family or friends can jump right in and play.

PLAYING THE GAME: When you play Choice Words, recalling popular phrases is only half the battle. With two types of game play, you’ll need to match other players’ answers- either the most or least!

TWO TYPES OF GAME PLAY: There are two types of play in Choice Words. In "Scratch Play," score one point for each phrase that other players haven't thought of. In "Match Play," score points for correctly guessing how other players will fill in the blanks. As time runs out, the phrases get more far-flung in this hilarious contest of wits and words.

INCLUDES: 200 Match Play cards, 200 Scratch Play cards, 1 timer and 1 phrase pad.

Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!