Cool Cool Cool

If you enjoy a game night with laughter, chaotic energy, and quick competition, this game is for you. Cool Cool Cool expands on the classic slap game genre with rule combinations that can change each time you play. Designed for 2-6 players ages 9-99 and a quick playtime of about 15 minutes that will leave you wanting to play another round.

Cool Cool Cool is a game born out of witnessing people across the globe united in their use of the word Cool. Exclaimed enthusiastically when finding money in an old pair of jeans, repeating Cool Cool Cool in an anxious daze when tying to figure out how to make it through this current timeline... and let's not forget the classic reply of Cool! when really, you have no idea what someone just said.

All the words in this game started as one meaning and became popularized to mean something else. Words that are affirmations, roll off the tongue easily and feel kind of great when you shout them or hear your friends say them to you. Go ahead, unbox Cool Cool Cool and get ready to shout, slap, and be delighted.

Designed by Jenn Ellis & Keith Baker with illustrations by Mackenzie Schubert

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