This is a game about butterflies, where you attract butterflies by making an awesome garden consisting of tons of different plants. With this game, you learn everythings about butterflies and have so much fun doing it!


Our butterfly friends are dying at an unprecedented rate. We NEED to help them! This is a huge problem; most of us know insects like butterflies, bees and birds are declining, but don't know how to help.

Introducing Flutter!!!

Flutter is an EPIC card game that teaches you about the different species of butterfly, their life cycle, and how to grow a butterfly garden! The game contains native plant cards, which you use to attract these beautiful creatures. The players learn strategies to help protect them from predators, natural events, and harmful chemicals, all in the form of effect cards. There is no better way to educate kids of all ages than through fun games like Flutter!

I hope we can all unite to help these important pollinators. GO BUTTERFLIES!!!


This game is intended for families, butterfly enthusiasts, nature geeks, parties, and kids ages 5 and up.

Ever wanted a game which is addicting, with just the right amount of strategy, which also teaches you something new?

Then this game is for you!


People hold their cards in their hand, every turn they play a card: Plants and Effect cards. If they get a butterfly card, they should place it where everyone can see it. We call this the 'butterfly roosting area'. The goal of the game is to attract these butterflies to your garden by collecting plant cards. There are nectar plants which are common to all butterflies for food and host plants which is specific to each butterfly to lay eggs. Nectar Plants give you varying pull points. Person with the highest pull points gets to attract a butterfly, if they have also have the host plant for the specific butterfly. Once the butterfly has been attracted successfully to the garden, the player needs to collect its 3 life cycle cards (Eggs, caterpillar, cocoon). First to complete three butterfly life cycles wins. It also includes a catch up cards for ages 10+ which introduces them to the dangers and the strategies for survival of the butterfly in their garden.


2-4 people can play. It's more fun in a group.


Goal of the Game

  • Collect three butterflies and finish their life cycles

How to Play

  • Shuffle your deck

  • Separate the Conservation, Butterfly and Host cards from the rest of the deck and put them all in separate piles.

  • From the remaining deck deal 7 cards per player

  • Allocate some space for each player, this will be referred to as the "garden"

  • Start your turn!

Your Turn

  • You can do one action per turn, these are the possible actions:

  • Placing a plant.

  • Playing an effect, predator or magic card.

  • Attracting a butterfly.

  • Hosting an auction.

  • Earning a host card by PAYING IT FORWARD

  • Passing your turn.

  • Always draw cards until you have 7 in your hand before ending your turn.

           Placing a Plant

  • You can place it down in front of you in your garden.

  • Each player has a garden which is an area to put their plant cards

  • Note: You can only place one plant per turn.

           Playing an Effect, Predator and Magic Card

  • Do as the description of the card instructs.

  • Put this card in the discard pile unless otherwise specified

           Attracting a Butterfly

  • Butterflies are very important in Flutter

  • To attract a butterfly you require one thing:

                You have three plant cards.

  • Once you attract a butterfly, your three plant cards and host card (if you have one) can no longer be used to attract other butterflies. Place them underneath the butterfly.

  • Next, take a Life Cycle sheet. Every turn you keep your butterfly (not including the turn you take to obtain it) check the next stage of the life cycle!

  • There is one catch, you can only advance in the life cycle if you have the butterflies matching host card (host plant cards will say what butterfly they attract).

           Conservation Cards

  • Conservation Cards protect your butterfly from all effects.

  • Conservation Cards cost three plants from your garden, put them in the discard pile

  • To use your Conservation Card place it below a butterfly face up

           Earn a Host Card

  • To earn a host card donate two of your plant cards that are in play to your opponent's to PAY IT FORWARD. (it doesn't matter who)

  • Then take any host card you want from the host card deck.

           Passing your turn

  • Discard up to two cards in your hand

  • Draw cards until you have seven in your hand.



Fun Facts

There are 17,500 butterfly species around the world!


Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!