Introducing the ultimate creature comforters:
HUGIMALS are lovable weighted stuffed animals that "hug you back" to lower stress, boost calm, and help with sleep.

Created by a health journalist who tapped the expertise of occupational therapists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, and toy industry veterans to perfect their weight, design and aesthetics for maximum therapeutic benefits and lovability!

Designed to bring relief, support and comfort to kids, teens, and adults - Hugimals are your secret weapon against stress and anxiety!

Fun Facts

Developed by a health journalist in consultation with psychologists, pediatricians, occupational therapists and toy industry experts
Designed to ease anxiety in anyone who loves the comforting sensation of Deep Touch Pressure: from kids to adults, neurotypical, neurodivergent, sensory-seeking, and everyone in between.
They're machine washable!

Launched Date:

01 May 2022

Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!