Mixed Buts

Mixed Nuts is a party/trivia game with a unique voting element. Each of the trivia cards is double-sided with a question on both sides and the answer to each question on the opposite side; therefore, the person reading the question can play along, too. Each card features an odd trivia fact—and somewhere in the text, there are two possible choices—one is a fact, the other is a fib (these choices are a different color than the rest of the text).

The active player picks one (the fact or the lie), and reads the sentence aloud to the other players. Here's an example: “Al Capone's vault was opened on live TV by (Barbara Walters/Geraldo Rivera) and there was virtually nothing of value in it.” Players then decide if the given answer was correct. For instance, the active player includes “Barbara Walters” in their statement. If a player thinks that's right, they put the voting chip in their hand. If a player thinks that’s incorrect, they put nothing in their hand and have an empty hand. All players then reveal what's in their hand. The correct answer is “Geraldo Rivera,” so those players with empty hands receive one point—in the form of a nut—to put into their score cup. After three rounds of each player having had a turn to read a card, the player with the most nuts wins.


Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!