Photoloco is a drawing game game with some basic similiarities to Pictionary but with alot more going on! Photoloco is a fast paced, incredibly fun game with some hilarious moments and lots of interaction!

Photoloco is a brand new game that is fast, fun and more often than not- hilarious. In Photoloco you've got 90 seconds to draw anything you want on a giant game photo to get your teamates to say as many of nine hidden words associated with that photo as you can. Hand gestures are greatly encouraged! While the results of your efforts as an artist might seem obvious to you, your teammates might not be so sure! It's been a while since a game has come along that plays so well with people of all age groups. Photoloco can entertain children (8 and up) and yet still become the life of a party with adult beverages.


Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!