The Game of Saying "Huh"

by : TOMY

The Game of Saying ‘Huh’ will test your skills of wit and mimicry and bring plenty of laughter and fun to game nights. The game is played in rounds using a different Task card for each round. At the top is a single word or a short phrase you will each have to say, but each of you in a unique way. There are 8 ways listed on the Task card from A to H and you’ll be secretly assigned one of them at random. You might have to say ‘Hello!’ like you’re talking to a pet, like you’re a vampire or like you’re the president. There are lots of common phrases and sayings, as well as a few actions thrown in for good measure. But here’s the tricky part: you can only use your voice and facial expression to convey the meaning of what’s on the card. Gestures or movement of any kind below the neck are not allowed. When you’ve finished making your impression, everybody votes in secret, assigning the correct lettered task to your performance.

When everyone’s finished acting their part, it’s time for the big reveal: you’ll score if you guessed correctly who acted out which cue, and collect points yourself when others correctly identify your performance. The player with the most points when all the voting is complete wins the game! Contains 30 Task cards with 8 variations each, 8 Act cards, 8 Voting grids, 64 Letter tokens, 56 Scoring chips, plus instructions. Suitable for 3-8 players, 8 years and up. No batteries required.

It’s Show Time! Say it like a TV presenter, like a robot, or like you’re swimming! Game of ‘Huh’ is the game where everyone says the same thing but it means something different each time
Acting Up: Say a given word or phrase in a way that matches the description on your Task card, using your voice and facial expressions only – no gestures below the neck
Guessing Game: Others have to work out which of the 8 options on the card you just mimicked
Place your Bets: Earn points by correctly assigning who played what role and for giving a convincing performance of your own; Earn the most points to win!
Family Game Fun: Suitable for boys, girls, and parents too; for 3-8 players age 8 years and up

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