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Who wouldn’t want to go on a winter hike with the clumsiest Ergg around? Trek up to the top of the mountain to search for the elusive yeti. Is he real or just Squaregles folklore? From there, try to find the fastest way down and twist through the luge and over the moguls to find yourself chilling in the lodge. Whew! What an adventure! What will you create with this 33 piece set? Includes 15 magnetic square frames, a character and yeti accessories, 5 track pieces and a ski chalet roof. 4 paperboard panels and a comic about Fluke and the yeti included.

15 magnetic square frames- Pop panel pieces in and out of magnetic frames to build, play, re-design, repeat! Compatible with all other Squaregles sets.
Fluke and a yeti costume to create mysterious winter scenes.
Paperboard panels for artists and storytellers to draw their own features
Ski moguls, a mountaintop, mega slope, and luge for action-packed chases through the mysterious winter wonderland.
All Squaregles sets are compatible with each other. Inspire

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