Rest In Play - 1910 thru 1919

Milton Bradley

2021-12-04 21:25:04

(November 8, 1836 – May 30, 1911) From Wikipedia . . . Bradley's ventures into the production of board games began with a large failure in his lithograph business. When he printed and sold an i...mage of the little-known Republican presidential nominee Abraham Lincoln, Bradley initially met with great success.[3] But a customer demanded his money back because the picture was not an accurate representation—Lincoln had decided to grow his distinctive beard after Bradley's print was published. Suddenly, the prints were worthless, and Bradley burned those remaining in his possession.[4] Looking for a lucrative alternate project, Bradley found inspiration from an imported board game a friend gave him, concluding that he could produce and market a similar game to American consumers. In the winter of 1860, Bradley released The Checkered Game of Life. ... From 1860 through the 20th century, the company he founded, Milton Bradley Company, dominated the production of American games, including The Game of Life, Easy Money, Candy Land, Operation, and Battleship. The company was a subsidiary of Pawtucket, Rhode Island–based firm Hasbro from acquisition in 1984 to shutdown in 1998. MB merged with Parker Brothers in 1998 to form Hasbro Games. The two became brands of Hasbro until 2009 when they were retired in favor of the parent company's name and the Milton Bradley name was retired after 149 years. For more information, go to Wikipedia more