Book Review: A Lot Like Batman by Keith Negley

by Julia DeKorte | 29 Sep 2023

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Keith Negley’s newest children’s book title, A Lot Like Batman: Being Amazing on Your Own Terms, speaks to kids on the shyer side, helping them realize that although they may not be the most outgoing, their strengths and personality shine through in different ways, just like Batman.


The premise of the picture book is a young Batman attending school for the first time. He feels a bit different from all the other kids: he’s not the most outgoing and doesn’t love playing sports. Making friends doesn’t come as easily to him as it does for his classmates.


However, Batman has all the right qualities where it really matters. Batman is a great friend to the close friends he has, and he loves reading, and painting, and puzzles. Batman finds that he doesn’t need to be like everyone else… he just needs to be himself.


A Lot Like Batman is a really sweet book that can help a lot of young children feel more comfortable in their skin. If Batman doesn’t need to be running around on the soccer field or hanging out with a huge group of friends to be awesome, why should anyone else?


With adorable, colorful, and childlike illustrations and a simple yet touching message, A Lot Like Batman: Being Amazing on Your Own Terms is the perfect book for any young child, but especially good for someone who may be a bit apprehensive or nervous about starting school. This book will show any child exactly how awesome they are just by being themselves.

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