Book Review: Legacy of Laughter: A Grandparent Guide & Playbook

by Julia DeKorte | 28 Nov 2022

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Mary Kay Morrison’s Legacy of Laughter is helpful, heartwarming, and everything a grandparent could need in guiding them to having fun and learning with their grandchild. The book is split into nine informational chapters and a playbook at the end: a compilation of different games, activities, and ways to connect based on the stage of development of your grandchild.


The first nine chapters that comprise the guide half of the book truly set grandparents up for success, with tips, advice, and information about how to be the best companion to a grandchild. Morrison touches on everything from the importance of humor and playing outside to preparing the home for a safe and happy grandchild visit to how to navigate discipline. Any question, concern, or curiosity will be answered in these comprehensive chapters.


The playbook is broken up by developmental stage, beginning with birth to two years all the way through high school to adult. Each section has information about how a child matures during each stage, and how to play in a way that develops and nurtures new skills. Morrison gives suggestions of literacy activities, games, music and drama, and arts and crafts that correlate to each age group. With this playbook, there are endless ways to play, connect, and laugh with your grandchild.


Everything about this book is playful, from the curly font used to the author’s voice. Morrison also incorporates personal photos of her own family, artwork created by her grandchildren, and personal anecdotes and tips she calls “LOL Magic.” Legacy of Laughter is the perfect gift for grandparents… especially with the holiday season fast approaching!

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