Book Review: PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie Books

by Julia DeKorte | 28 Sep 2023

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PAW Patrol Books – The Mighty Movie


PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie (2023) tells the story of the PAW Patrol Pups becoming the Mighty Pups when a meteor strikes Adventure City and gives them all superpowers! In a partnership with Spin Master Entertainment, Penguin Random House (PRH) has just released four picture books and an activity book for all different levels of young readers based on the film.


Power Up, Pups!

Power Up, Pups! falls into the level 2 category of PRH’s Step Into Reading Program, for kids who can recognize some words but may need help sounding out some others. Melissa Lagonegro tells the story of the Mighty Pups using basic vocabulary and short, simple sentences, and illustrator Dave Aikens adds in large, colorful images of all your favorite PAW Patrollers.


Skye’s Time to Fly

Skye’s Time to Fly is one of PRH’s Little Golden Books: a hardcover with the classic golden spine. Based on the screenplay by Cal Brunker and Bob Barlen, readers learn a bit more about Skye’s origin story. She was born the smallest of her litter on a farm. Luckily, Ryder was happy to adopt her and train her to be part of the PAW Patrol, though Skye had always felt a little insecure about being the smallest of her siblings and of the PAW Patrol. Author Elle Stephens and illustrator Fabrizo Petrossi tell the story of the meteor hitting adventure city, diving into more detail than Power Up, Pups! Skye is tricked, and a greedy scientist named Vee steals her crystal – the one from the meteorite that gave all the Mighty Pups their superpowers. Feeling down about losing her crystal, Skye must work together with the Mighty Pups to stop Vee and get her crystal back—and hopefully her confidence, too.


The Junior Patrollers

The Junior Patrollers is a Random House PICTUREBACK Book written by Mei Nakamura and illustrated by Dave Aikens. This picture book adaptation of the screenplay focuses on the Junior Patrollers, Nano, Mini, and Tot. While the Mighty Pups use their superpowers to save Adventure City from greedy scientist Vee and Mayor Humdinger, the evil former mayor of Adventure City, the Junior Patrollers are trained by Liberty, a member of the Mighty Pups who hadn’t yet discovered her superpower. Liberty pushes the pups to train harder and harder, until Ryder makes the difficult decision to shut down the Junior Patroller Program. Luckily, thanks to their training and persistent attitudes, the Junior Patrollers stick around, and end up being the key to saving the city.


PAW Patrol – The Mighty Movie: Official Storybook

Next up is The Official Storybook of PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie. Author Frank Berrios and illustrator MJ Illustrations tell the most descriptive story of all the books, complete with vivid color images on each page. The story starts with Vee stealing an electromagnet to use to attract a meteor toward Adventure City for her own use. When her machine malfunctioned, the meteor crashed into Adventure City and Vee was thrown in jail, where she partnered up with evil Mayor Humdinger. Meanwhile, the PAW Patrol becomes the Mighty Pups when they discover the energy crystals inside of the meteorite that give them superpowers. While the Mighty Pups assist in keeping Adventure City safe and Liberty trains the Junior Patrollers, Vee and Mayor Humdinger hatch a plan to break out of jail and steal the Mighty Pups’ crystals. When Vee and Mayor Humdinger’s plan comes to fruition, it takes all of the resources and strength the Mighty Pups have to stop them, learning valuable lessons along the way.


PAW Patrol – The Mighty Movie: Official Activity Book

Penguin Random House also released an official activity book based on PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie. The book is filled with puzzles (spot the difference images, mazes, matching games, drawing activities, and more), posters of all the Mighty Pups and Junior Patrollers, and over 50 stickers! The perfect book to not only keep your child entertained, but also exercise their brain with logic puzzles and picture drawing.

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