Designing a Game with Manufacturing in Mind: A conversation between a new inventor and a manufacturer

by Tami Murphy | 08 Jul 2021

The Bloom Report

Join the staff of GPI for a Nonepub hosted discussion about numerous topics to keep in mind when designing your next game.  Get insight on:

  • Packaging
  • Designing with retail in mind
  • Digging into game specs
  • Tooling – custom vs sourced items
  • Quoting for Kickstarter
  • Die-cut pieces
  • The IG influence
  • Rule books
  • Designing for print vs web
  • Safety testing
  • Manufacturing timelines
  • Freight costs

This long list of things to keep in mind can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be, choose your manufacturing partner with an eye on who wants to be a partner with you not just produce your game and that company will help you through this process.

Thank you to Unpub for asking us to participate in their online event, Nonepub.

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