Interview with Gil Druckman, Inventor & Author of The Gift of Authenticity

by Julia DeKorte | 12 May 2024

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POP's Julia DeKorte has a few questions for legendary inventor and author Gil Druckman...


How long have you been in the toy industry? Since 1981


How did you get into the toy business? I worked as a consultant, and my department got an investment from the UN to develop a simulation game. It ended up being a very good simulation teaching game. One day, my partner said to me, “Why don’t we develop a social party game?” And I said “Okay.” After about 6 months, the game was finished, and my partner went to his neighbor, who was the general manager of a game company. And then we sold the game. Shortly after that, one of the guys from the company came to me and asked, “I am flying to Nuremberg Toy Factory, want to come?” And that was the beginning.


Which is your favorite toy or game that you’ve invented? The one that sold the most! Kidding. The 3D Sculpture Puzzle.


What do you teach? I taught mental improvement. How people think… it’s all about efficiency, how to be more efficient. I also give lectures about what was written in my book.


How has your spiritual journey impacted your work as an inventor? Actually, not much. But do you know the saying, “Where from comes the spark?” Well, I just came from a cruise, and while on the cruise, I invented a game. And I felt like something was missing. So I tried to channel my spirituality. And I don’t know if it came from the channeling, or if it was because I was opened up to something new, but a real spark jumps into my head. It was really an amazing moment.


Do you have any advice to share with someone who wants to join the toy industry? I can just talk about if they want to be an inventor. Whenever you feel the seed of an idea coming up, try to go with it, try to develop it. And write it down! I always, when I’m thinking, I’m writing down the process. And if you’re looking to start, go to a toy store, and look at the shelves. And feel where you’re drawn to. Which type of toy or game your feeling goes to. And then, start there.


Do you have a mantra or a saying that you live by? I actually have one written above my door. If you want something, you can do it.


What else do you like to do for fun? Ceramic sculpting. I started with pottery, and then after 10 years, I decided to try and make sculptures. And after a few years, I decided, let’s take phrases or sentences and make a sculpture about it. A month ago, I had an exhibition. And to the people who came to the showing, I said, “He who wants, he can do.” Although it’s not my career, it’s just a hobby, and I’m really proud of it. I like to run and ride my bicycle, and I like to dance. I have 5 friends and we meet once a month. I have a friend I speed walk with once a week, and then we get coffee. I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, and my kids. And inventing games!


What do you see your biggest achievement as? I think my biggest achievement is my relationship with my kids.


I’m lucky that… I am lucky that I was married to my wife for 20 years before she passed. We had a great relationship. And, to have been a full-time inventor since 1989. More than 30 years. I am lucky for that. I’m lucky to be apart of this industry.


Anything else? Always ask why. That is how you improve yourself. Also, don’t say no. If someone suggests something to you, say yes, try. And then always you can say no. But first, say yes. Take me, for example. I do a lot, because I am open. So if you ask me what I suggest to others, I say, be open.


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