Paper Hand Tags BEGONE!

by Bret Hawkins | 19 Nov 2021

Product Launches

RipTAG Label = Plush Character Identity Innovation 


Hand tags on stuffed toys are made of perishable paper.  They are connected with a plastic cord and were originally designed to be thrown away.  That changed in the 1990's when collecting stuffed toys became popular.  The experience of discovering a rare plush character to complete your collection was magical.  Protecting your plush investment was suddenly important, and plastic sheaths were invented to enase and forever protect the PAPER hand-tag identity.  


While collecting plush is AWESOME, playability is problematic.  Your cute toddler doesn't collect plush (yet) and that paper hand-tag is an unsightly, bulky distraction.  


Solving for Playability:  


What if you could do both... collect and play?  Meet the Ripperoo® stuffed toys!  We make our hand-tags out of the same SOFT fabric as the stuffed toy.  Our hand-tags are mysterious and secret.  They securely connect and lay down against the stuffed toy creating a mechanism that kids can open and close, over and over again.  They offer descriptive information about the toy like a name, and they are permanent!  Our hand tags are sewed-on FOREVER.  We call them RipTAG® labels and this cool innovation is USPTO patent protected.


Accidental vs. Intentional Toy Collecting


Think back to some of your favorite toys growing up.  Consider how much better your experience could have been had the toy company built a Collection SYSTEM to organize and modernize your toy journey.  The Ripperoo® brand of stuffed animals are carefully built from the ground up to be INTENTIONALLY collectible!  

The RipTAG®  gives each Ripperoo®  character a SECRET, UNIQUE and PERSONAL IDENTITY.  


The Ripperoo's are ready to disrupt and change the plush market forever!  Please check out our latest video at:


Are the Ripperoo's perfect for youoo's?  Please reach out with questions or feedback.  I would love to hear from you. 


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