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As the story goes, Michele Litzky sent out 200 resumes when she graduated from American University in 1975. If she did not accept a job in the publicity department at Bantam Books, she would be casting TV commercials (well, at this point in her career, perhaps feature films).

Bantam led to her f...

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Fun Facts

When the first WITTY Award was presented to Ruth Handler, I asked Jill Barad to make the presentation. She said no. So, I asked Tom Kalinske to do the honor. On the day of the event, he got word to me that Jill had changed her mind. I still said no.
When I met Shari Lewis to introduce her to the new Lamb Chop from Hasbro Softies, I asked if she could make Lamb Chop talk to me. She said, ‘darlin’ I can make your shoe talk to you.”
I launched two sports games in the same day. One with Magic Johnson; the other with Nolan Ryan.

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