by : MindWare

Players will flip for Tightrope, the simple yet intense strategy board game that is sure to entertain kids and adults alike! Take turns placing marbles on rubber bands that sway and bounce, adding to the suspense of this exciting family board game. But be careful, if you don't find a fair spot for your marbles, they may fall off the tightrope and right back into your pile. Win by having the least amount of marbles in this fun and educational game that builds decision-making skills and improves hand-eye coordination. Enjoy this family board game with the kids or bring it out for game night with friends. This strategy board game is a thrilling addition to your collection of board games for adults and families! • Exciting addition to family games for kids and adults• Builds decision-making skills and improves hand-eye coordination• For 2 to 4 players• Average play time is 20 minutes• Includes 1 game board, 24 pegs, 20 stretchy silicone bands, 4 marble cups, 64 small marbles, 4 big marbles and rules. Inventors: Richard Levy & Peter Pook

Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!