The Top 23 POP Profiles of 2023

by The Bloom Report | 04 Jan 2024

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The Top POP Viewed Profiles and Articles of 2023! #POPTOP23


The Top 23 Visited People of Play Profiles

(source: Google Analytics)

Andreas Hoenigschmid

Elizabeth Werner

Mary Couzin

Eddy Goldfarb

Michael Kohner

Leslie Scott

Robert Fuhrer

Tim Kilpin

Peggy Brown

Rachele Harmuth

Rich Mazel

David Fuhrer

Matt Nuccio

Steve Rehkemper

Kedar Narayan

David Yakos

Christopher Byrne

Dan Klitsner

Jim Pressman

Jordan Goddard

Kim Vandenbroucke

Dougal Grimes

Tim Walsh


The TOP Ten Visited Company Profiles

Longshore Limited

Spin Master

The Michael Kohner Corporation

Fat Brain Toys



ASTRA - American Specialty Retailer Association



Missing Piece Press



Top 10 viewed POP Articles of 2023

These are not impressions – these are actual views!

60 Years of Dreams: A Comprehensive Overview of Barbie’s Dreamhouses – 299,382 views

Top 10 most iconic Barbie dolls of the 1980s – 263,166 views

Top 10 most iconic Barbie dolls of the 2000s – 251,904 views

Top 10 most iconic Barbie dolls of the 1990s – 123,632 views

Top 10 most iconic Barbie dolls of the 1970s – 82,425 views

Top 10 Most Iconic Barbie Dolls of the 1960s – 60, 464 views

Barbie Looks vs. Barbie Basics -- How do they compare? – 15,582 views

SQUINKIES ARE BACK! – 8,522 views

Doug Reuter on SEQUENCE, Inventing, and Life Challenges – 4,299 views

Talk Host and TV Producer Donna Drake Announces Creation of new talk show “TOYS OF OUR LIVES” co-created and hosted by Matt Nuccio – 3,252 views


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